The alert eyes of Angela M.

[Die wachsamen Augen der Angela M.]

When a problem arises, you can act. Or you can wait it out, see what everybody else does and thinks. And then you can do something about it, or rather not do anything at all. A seemingly great recipe to stay in power for decades.
This book is a collection of every blink of an eye of Angela Merkel’s 2015 new year’s speech.

Data sheet

Year of publication: 2015
161 pages
6 x 12 cm
laser print

1st edition of 18 copies
with tortoise-shell binding
2nd print run of 60 copies,
3rd print run of 60 copies
with AngelaM-binding
4rd print run of… I think I lost track… whatever, I make more copies from time to time.

The book was part of “AWAKE: Protest, Liberty and Resistance Reading Room” by 10×10 photobooks.