Here you can find some of the books that I have self-published over the last years. Most of them are handmade.

I don’t have a proper web-shop on my homepage, but feel free to write me an email if you want to purchase any of the books. I will give you a quote including shipping costs and you could then pay through paypal, bank-transfer etc.

If you are interested to see what else I do with books when I work with / for others, you can soon find out about this in another section.

How the other half lives

A book about freedom, segregation, anarchy, loneliness and other aspects of a stray cat’s daily life.
Through interviews, different stray cats share their street wisdom and explain their view on contemporary society.

Die wachsamen Augen der Angela M.

[The alert eyes of Angela M.]

A collection of every blink of an eye of Angela Merkel’s 2015 new year’s speech turned into a flipbook.

Ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio

[But at least your are my love]

Scampia is a neighbourhood in the outskirts of Naples, Italy. It is infamous for being a stronghold of the Camorra mafia and related drugdealings. The book is NOT about this.

Berlusconians / No Berlusconians

Does populism leaves its traces even in people’s faces?


I’ll make more information about this book available soon, working on it…