But at least you are here my love

[Ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio]

Scampia is a neighborhood in the outskirts of Naples and is mainly known as a stronghold of the Camorra mafia. Most stories about Scampia deal with gangsters or junkies.
In “ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio” I look at the everyday life of those, who don’t have anything to do with all this. It’s a tough reality for them: Finding work is an almost impossible task, many of the flats are contaminated with asbestos and it’s hard to convince the own children of the fact that it’s not cool to work for the mafia.
In such a rough environment havens – even only mental ones – have a special significance. Religion and music play an important role, but love seems to be more meaningful than anything else. At least this is what the writings on the walls of this neighborhood testify, and which are the leitmotiv of this book.

I have no more copies of this book left for sale, but if you really really want one, let me know and maybe I’ll make a second edition. 

Data sheet
Title: ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio
Author: Nico Baumgarten
year of publication: 2013
Language: Italian / English, German inlay on request
Number of pages: 68
Size: 14,4 cm x 20,5 cm / 5,7 x 8,1 inch
Edition size: 100 signed and numbered copies
Printing: digital offset
Paper: Cyclus print 135 g/m2 (100% recycled paper)
Cover: 300 g/m2 cardboard, overrun by a car and featuring a silkscreened title
Binding: saddle stitched, handbound
Price: 18 € + shipping

“But at least you are here my love” – exhibited at Projektraum Fotografie in Dortmund.