This Is Not an Atlas – Kollektiv Orangotango+

This book was quite the project. A transnational survey of counter-cartographies, featuring more than 40 different maps/initiatives/projects. A book about a different kind of cartography, not the one used by those in power to subordinate, colonize and repress but instead about maps as a tool for empowerment, resistance and questioning of authorities.

I have a background in social geography and when I was asked to design the book, I was more than a little excited.
It meant to collaborate with dozens of authors from all over the world (who happened to have varying standards when it comes to submitting pictures in print-quality) and to coordinate everything with a larger group of editors. And since I had my own opinions about the concept and structure of this book and I do have difficulties in keeping my mouth shut, I also became part of the editorial group.

The book has been published by a great lefty academical publisher, Transcript. While currently both editions sold out, the book is available as a free download here  (right-click on the link to save the .pdf) and the webpage complements the book too.